Well as we proceed through January, for us Students it means only thing… EXAMS (CUE: Scream of Horror) and ASSIGNMENTS. Anyway, this post is Assignment-Focused on one of those Assignments we ALL JUST HATE….. THE ESSAY. As a Masters Student, I can tell you writing essays doesn’t get any easier, although when were they ever easy to begin with. Nothing worse than that struggle to get your ideas together and fill that NEVER-ENDING Word Count. So as a “Veteran” of Essay Writing Let me provide you with a few tips I hope you will find helpful

  1. PLAN

It is vitally important that you plan out your essay from the Introduction to the conclusion. Plan out what you will discuss in Introduction, essay body and conclusion. Make notes and outline what way your discussion will play out and how your points illustrate your argument and when it comes to that darn word limit you will have plenty to write about if you have an idea of where you are going. Your sanity will Thank You in the end SO make a detailed plan and you will know you are making progress


Use Jstor, Google Scholar and any other academic journal databases you can find to find articles, writings and other sources that may contain material relevant to your topic. If you find an article that relates to what you are writing about then you can bring in a quote to strengthen your argument/point of view. References AS LONG AS YOU CITE WHERE YOU GOT THEM AND WHO WROTE THEM can be a blessing and again help you in your writing and there can be occasions where you find a new train of thought or a new idea to discuss. Just remember to cite and reference where you found the material, nobody wants to be done for plagiarism.


Whether Under-Grad or Post-Grad we all have to think critically in our essays as otherwise, our work would be a load of waffle and waffling doesn’t work (unless you write Fake News). Critical thinking is all about looking at your chosen topic and possibly other ways you can interpret it or other arguments can bring in. For example I have just finished an Essay on LGBT Advertising and I have a section where I compare LGBT Adverts from the 90’s/Early 2000s to Today’s Adverts and looked at how they have changed in terms of how the LGBT community is perceived, viewed and how big brands are promoting the LGBT community and pride events. You don’t have to against your argument but find an angle you can analyze or contrast with what you are saying.


When we are trying to meet a deadline we will type like mad to get the work done and sometimes we have the tenacity to misspell a word or not put grammatical icons in the right places i.e. comma. So as you go along make sure to check everything and ensure there are no mistakes. Most colleges/lecturers deduct vital marks for bad grammar and after all, every mark counts so just an eye on things. It can be quite easy to spell a word wrong when you are constantly typing, I have done it a fair few times myself. Make sure to have Spelling and Grammar check, of course, depending on what platform you are writing the essay on.

5. BACK IT UP!!!!!!!!!!

When you finish for the day MAKE SURE to back up your work. Save it on a USB pen or a few, Email it yourself or family members. Technology has the potential to fail us now and again and you don’t want to be left broken-hearted if your laptop unexpectedly breaks down and you only had one copy SO BACK IT UP AS YOU GO ALONG


Above All, remember to relax as you go along, take breaks in between writing for a coffee or catch up with friends to clear your mind. At the end of the day put the books away, relax, watch a Movie or a Netflix Show. You need to take time out to relax your brain and come back in the morning with a clear head. Plus always ensure you get a good nights sleep as you feel very refreshed the next day.

Thanks for reading this post and hopefully it will help you in thinking about future or current essays.

STAY TUNED for my next post on tips to help with Exams.



Hello Fellow Bloggers

Well, we are 13 Days in 2019, it has been a Month since I updated or wrote on this and due to getting masters assignments done and a terrible case of the Flu I haven’t had the chance to and I enjoy blogging on this. Well, let’s get down to business I have had a few ideas on posts for the up and coming future. As I am getting through Masters Assignments I will write some post some tips for getting through exams and essays. I will also be writing some posts about my Favourite TV Shows and Movies. In terms of this, I will be picking out the Top 10 Episodes from each of my Favourite TV Shows (Mammoth Task Eh) and of course picking out favourite scene from my top 10 Favourite Movies. So stay tuned for upcoming posts



We all love a good tune at Christmas and if we hear it we all feel compelled to sing and dance along. For this post I’m sharing my Favorite Christmas songs. I have created a playlist on YouTube with all my favorite Christmas songs to act a stress reliever with all the Masters Assignments so here are my favorite Christmas Songs in no particular order

Your a Mean One Mr. Grinch – The Grinch

Where are you Christmas – Taylor Momsen 

All I want for Christmas is you – Mariah Carey

Last Christmas – WHAM

Believe – Josh Groban 

When Christmas comes to town – The Polar Express 

Away in a Manger

Silent Night 

I wish it could be Christmas everyday – Wizzard 

So this is Christmas – John Lennon 

God bless us everyone – Andre Bocelli 

It’s beginning to look like Christmas – Bing Crosby 

White Christmas – Bing Crosby  

There are many more Christmas songs I love but these are the ones I love the most and make sing and dance along 




For this latest Blogmas Post I thought I’d list my Top 10 Favorite Christmas Movies. I’ve been looking forward to writing this one for as you’ve guessed I JUST LOVE CHRISTMAS MOVES. Nothing better than relaxing with a Hot Drink and a Christmas Movie after a long busy day. Now trying to rank these in order of preference would be so hard because I love them all so I’ll stick with good old fashioned chronological order. If you haven’t seen any of these then I suggest you start watching them AS SON AS POSSIBLE 


  A Christmas Classic!!!!! I just love the message behind this beautiful film about the power and importance of love and family. It’s just one of those movies that touches your heart and makes you smile. James Stewart’s George Bailey is the Cinematic Hero we all cheer on to rise above despair and find the joys of love and Family. Himself and Donna Reed give beautiful, amazing performances as George and Mary Bailey, the nostalgic old Hollywood romance adds an even more iconic element to this amazing movie    


As someone who loves Snow I just love everything about this Technicolor Christmas Extravaganza. Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen steal the show as they work together to save the General’s Inn. The songs are so memorable and catchy.  throw in a little romance and some festive cheer and this movie got it made. I just love the Ending where they all sing White Christmas against the snow covered backdrop, really beautiful and poignant, plus I really now wanna go to Vermont in the Winter   


Surprisingly I never really watched this much as a Kid but really into it now, I just love the 90’s setting as it reminds me of being a 90’s kid. Macaulay Culkin is the perfect little hero Kevin McCallister, defending his home from the bad guys. Whilst it may look painful, the bad guys learned what happens when you try and rob the McCallister Home. It’s the perfect Christmas film to chill with, with a Hot Chocolate. Even though Kevin enjoys the Peace and quiet he realizes that even though his family drives him crazy he misses them. A Christmas Classic by all accounts which you never get bored of. 


As a fan of Dickens classic tale and the Muppet’s I just adore this film, whoever came up with the idea was a genius. Dickens classic tale is brought to life so beautifully as Scrooge played to perfection by Micheal Kane discovers the true meaning of Christmas. Gonzo and Rizzo acting as Narrators along with Kermit the frog as Bob Cratchit was perfect casting. The Songs are just so memorable and catchy, My favorite’s are Scrooge, Marley and Marley. A True Christmas Classic and the perfect way to introduce kids to the timeless tale. 



Serious Childhood Nostalgia right here. I remember watching and loving this as a kid. It has all the elements of a Tim Burton classic. I love everything about this one, the characters, the story and the songs are all just so cool. Tim Burton has said it’s a Halloween Film but I think it can be seen as one for both Halloween and Christmas. If I had to pick my favorite thing about this film it would be the music, the songs are all just so catchy and make you want to sing a long.  


Based on the Classic 60’s TV Show The Munster’s plan to give homesick Eddie a traditional Transylvanian Christmas but things go awry when Grandpa accidentally zaps Santa Claus from the North Pole close to Christmas so everyone must work together to save Christmas. I loved watching this as a kid because it introduced me to the classic Munster’s TV show which is now one of my favorite Shows EVER. Okay it’s not the original cast but this lot do thier best to recreate the iconic characters. Great memories of renting this out and watching with lots of popcorn and laughing my head off at Herman’s antics.       


If I had to pick one favorite out of this list, IT WOULD BE THIS ONE. I just love this one, Jim Carrey is the perfect Grinch you either hate, love, laugh with or cheer on. His Your a Mean One Mr. Grinch is the best Christmas song ever and my personal favorite. Seeing Dr. Sueses classic story brought to life if truly magical and one of those Christmas Movies you/I know every word/line off by heart. The movie also takes the opportunity to remind us Christmas is about love and family not the gifts and pretty lights/decorations. A Message that 2018 badly needs.   

8. ELF

How can you not have this one on your viewing list at Christmas. Will Ferrell’s Buddy the Elf is the most Lovable, Sweet, Kind, Adorable Cotton Headed Ninnymuggins ever. The story of Buddy finding his family and building a relationship with his Father is really touching  and we root for him to have his wish. The amount of memorable lines from this Movie is one the reasons it is a Christmas Classic and why we all love it so much. The ending singalong of “Santa Claus is coming to town” gives us all that much needed dose of Christmas Cheer. 


Whilst we all know Santa is only a belief we carry through childhood, it is still something we fondly remember at Christmas. This movie delves into that and is not just about a Boy meeting Santa Claus, it is about believing in the true spirit of Christmas. The design of the movie is breathtaking in creating a world of fantasy and imagination. With memorable musical numbers and a heartwarming story this movie reminds us of what is was like to be a Child and believe in Santa Claus


Yes another version of the story. I love this version as it’s animation/design truly captures a Dickensian, Victorian Christmas and how back then Christmas was always a time for family and celebration. Jim Carrey plays Scrooge to perfection and captures all the meanness and heart of the Miser trying to find redemption in time for Christmas. The story is beautifully captured and stays true to the heart of Dickens’s novel. The characters are all wonderfully captured especially the Sweet Natured Tony Tim. So in his words “God Bless Us Everyone”   

So if you haven’t seen any of these Christmas Movies then I suggest you start watching them RIGHT NOW

Till My Next Blogmas Post





It’s not Christmas without a Relaxing, lovely Festive Drink so I though I would use this latest post to tell you about my Favorite Festive drinks, It will not be a long list as there are Two Main Holiday Drinks I JUST LOVE TO DRINK A LOT. So without further ado my Favorite Holiday Themed Drinks are 


Nothing beats a lovely warm Hot Chocolate on a Cold Winter’s Day/Evening and I just love a Good Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate with Cream and Marshmallows on Top. It’s one of those drinks that heavily reminds us of childhood and how our parents/grandparents would always make us MOUTH WATERING Hot Chocolate if we were good (I Always Was) Yes a Hot Chocolate is one of this drinks that gets you into the festive mood. It conjures up images of warm fires, comfy sofas, Jammies and watching Christmas Movies. Whilst making our own Hot Chocolate is enjoyable, Brands such as Costa and Starbucks make simply delicious Hot Chocolates so I recommend you check them out.          


OMG I just love this one, nothing better than a Gingerbread Latte. Having one conjures up images of home-baked Gingerbread Men. I always make sure to have One or MORE of these at Christmas. The Gingerbread Latte in Starbucks is simple delicious with the cream on top and hint of spice within the Coffee. It is the kind of Drink I would have Christmas Shopping whilst walking around the shopping center with the Christmas Music playing. I could go on for ages and ages about how good one these is but we would be here till Christmas 2019. Anyway I recommend you try one of these because you will simply LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!      


So as December continues and we get closer to Christmas we are left trying to think of what to get our family for Christmas. Even though Christmas is about love family as I said in my first post I always like to get them something as a thank you/appreciation of all their love and support . However the big question for all of us is WHAT SHOULD WE GET THEM????? Well this post is dedicated to giving you an idea of what they would like. 


When it comes to buying for our parents it can be hard to know what exactly to get them. Your out shopping and see things and think maybe they would like this, maybe Dad would love that tie or Mum would love that perfume. However the best way to buy gifts for parents and I speak through experience is to get them something they can use, so don’t buy Mum that ornament will sit on the shelf gathering dust. Get them Things they can use on a day to day basis which is what they will appreciate more. For example if one of your Parents has a job that requires them to travel and stay in Hotels quite often then get them something like a travel shaving kit or deodorant set. If it is something they can use then all the better. Hopefully you will gain some inspiration from the list below 


  •  Bath Bombs
  •  Perfume 
  • Teapot
  • Travel Beauty Set
  • Creams
  • Shower Gel/Shampoo 
  • Books
  • DVD’s 
  • Notebooks (Ones with nice covers)
  • Nice Set of Pens 
  • Mugs    
  • Music, I.e CDS of their favorite singers 


  • Aftershave 
  • Travel Shaving Kit
  • Travel Washing/Deodorant Set 
  • Shaving Razor 
  • Notebooks
  • Books 
  • Mugs 
  • Stationary Set 
  • Music Cd’s 
  • Golfballs (If they play that is)


Now I must point out I have no sisters so I cant recommend anything on that subject but if you like me have Brothers then here a few suggestions that they would appreciate 

  • Aftershave
  • Games (X-Box or Playstation?)
  • Gift Vouchers 
  • Shower Gel/Shampoo Kit 
  • Deodorant Set
  • Toys
  • Board Games 
  • Books
  • Movies 
  • Trip? (Maybe to the Cinema/Theme Park)
  • Clothes 
  • Scarf?
  • Shaving Set 

Well that is all the advice I can give you on Gift Buying, hopefully some of my suggestions will inspire you enough to run to the shops and get exactly what your family would like. Again don’t stress yourself and overspend on stuff, get them something nice they will appreciate and use constantly. Until then Stay tuned for my Next Blogmas Post   


Welcome to my 2nd Blogmas post, with the 1st Semester of my Masters wrapping up for Christmas, the assignment deadlines are coming at me like snowballs so keeping this updated is hard. I’m still aiming for 12 Posts regardless as I’m enjoying this. This next post is a Christmas Tag where I answer questions about everything Christmas so let’s get started.

  1. What is your Favorite Christmas Movie?

The Grinch. I just love that Movie so much and I use to love reading the book as a kid

2. Where Do you usually spend your holidays in Christmas

Home, where else would you spend it. Nothing beats Christmas with the family.

3. Do you open any gifts on Christmas Eve?

Interesting question. Well as a kid sometimes I would tear open the wrapping paper a crack to try and guess what it was underneath the pretty paper. But yes I did open presents on Christmas Eve. Have more self-control as an adult (Yeah Right)

4. What is your perception about Christmas tree that is a real or fake?

Whether a Christmas Tree is real or fake I think it looks beautiful with all the lights and decorations on it.

5. What’s your favorite food that you want to eat in Christmas?

ALL THE TRIMMINGS Christmas Dinner is the best

6. Do you open any presents on Christmas morning?

OF COURSE between me and my brothers the floor is covered in wrapping paper

7. Explain your Christmas in a single statement?

Wake up, be merry eat dinner and be more merry

8. What is your favorite Christmas color?

RED. I love seeing red everywhere at Christmas, it’s just such a beautiful vibrant merry color

9. What do you like to do on Christmas break?

Chill out, spend time with family, watch Christmas Movies, eat Christmas Food, walk the dogs and basically repeat in the same order.

10. Are you on the list of naughty or the list of nice on Christmas day?

Hmm I’ll have to think about that one.

11. What is your favorite Christmas song?

Your a Mean One Mr Grinch. A Christmas Classic

12. You have been granted one Christmas wish…what will it be?

Get through and pass my Masters